Rosen blossoms and Rosenbuds

The Rose originally comes from Persia, where there are, up to now, the most species of roses. In gardens all over the world, the rose has spread and some roses even grow in wilderness.

2500 years ago, rose petals and buds (Rosa damascena) have already been used in ancient Persia. They grow in different areas of Iran. We obtain our products from the cities of Isfahan, Shiraz and Kerman, where the best quality for medicinal and perfume productions is guaranteed.

From one hectare, up to 7 tons of fresh rose petals or buds can be gathered. The petals of the rose are collected when they flourish. After this, you have to dry them quickly.

After blooming, there is only a relatively short time, where the flowers can be harvested. Harvest before sunrise gives the best crop quality. You can use almost all roses for medicinal purposes, if they smell.

Rose tea helps in blood purification and strengthening of the heart and nerves.

It can be used in the form of compresses, washes or baths against persistent wounds and minor burns.

As a mouthwash, rose tea helps to fight bad inflammation and gingivitis.