Tragacanth (Astragalus Verus) is a rubbery exudate of plants from the subfamily Faboideae.

With about 1600 to 3000 species, it is the largest genus within the vascular plants. It is spread over most of the northern hemisphere. The thickener tragacanth is obtained from some species.

The harvest usually starts in late spring and ends at the beginning of September. Tragacanth contains 10 – 15% water, 3 – 4% minerals, and 3% starch.

We offer two sorts of tragacanth: The so called “Ribbon” in thin milky stripes and the so called “Flake”, which has a form of flakes and is yellowish with a bit harder texture.

Tragacanth is used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical production and for production of adhesives, such as adhesive powder for dentures.