Galbanum is the dried resin of the 1 to 2 meters long plant named Ferula erubescens. The plant can be found in the mountain regions in the centre and northeast of Iran.

The taste is bitterish and burning. By distillation with water, the oil is obtained as a colorless, air-yourself tanning and thickening liquid that smells stronger than the resin, with a bitter and camphoraceous taste.

The harvest of the fragrant resin begins in late spring and ends in late summer. By separating a small layer of the root, the resin starts bleeding. In the drying phase, the colour changes from yellow to red.

The resin is used in the pharmaceutical and perfume industry.

Galbanum could help againstt certain types of bacteria.

There are not enough scientific datas to show the effect of galbanum for digestive problems, bloating and cramps, as well as, applied to the skin, to assess wounds. There is a need for further scientific studies in order to evaluate the effectiveness of galbanum in these applications.